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We recommend that the following information is considered when selecting a fabric


Domestic Upholstery Fabric

Ross Fabrics has been a supplier of upholstery fabrics to the UK and Irish furniture industry for many years and has vast experience in these domestic upholstery markets. Our fabric ranges are selected and assessed with regards to their suitability for general use within the domestic upholstery market and accordingly we are confident that our fabrics are wholly suitable for normal use in these markets.

On occasions our fabrics are selected for non domestic upholstery purposes and in these circumstances Ross Fabrics cannot be held responsible for the performance of any of its fabrics when used for a non-recommended purpose.

Therefore when selecting a fabric it is important that both the upholsterer and the consumer are aware of the characteristics of the type of fabric selected and are able to make an informed decision regarding its suitability for its intended purpose.

The following represents some of the more common characteristics of certain types of upholstery fabrics:

Pile Pressure

All upholstery fabrics with a pile, such as velvets and chenilles, are likely to be subject to pile pressure marking. This is where the appearance of shading and colour disturbance can occur due to the change in light reflection when the pile is naturally flattened during use. The effect is similar to that seen on the regularly walked on areas of a carpet.

Frequent turning of cushions (where possible) and good general care will help to maintain the original appearance of the fabric.

Pile pressure marking is a natural characteristic of these fabrics and is not a fabric fault nor will it detract from the wearing properties of the material.

Fabric Noise

Synthetic fibres, although strong and highly durable, can in vary rare circumstances produce a small amount of noise which is the result of 2 fabric surfaces rubbing together. This is not detrimental to the performance of the fabric.


Upholstered furniture should not be exposed to long periods of direct sunlight as this may lead to colours fading over time due to the natural bleaching effect of the sun.

Please also be aware that in some instances it is possible to get dye transfer from non dye-fast clothing, such as jeans, on to the fabric on your furniture. This is more likely to be apparent if selecting lighter colours.

It is important to note that fabric colours and shades can vary between production and dye batches and will sometimes differ from the samples in the pattern books. If an exact match is required please request a sample and if this shade is acceptable then the sample should be submitted with the order specifying 'match to sample'.

After Sales Treatments

There are a number of After sales Treatments available that claim to protect your furniture against marking and staining. We advise against the use of such treatments on our fabrics as we are unable to assess whether such treatments could adversely affect the performance, appearance and wearing qualities of any of our fabrics. We regret, therefore, that we are unable to accept responsibility for any fabric treated in this way.


The Ross Fabrics website contains digital representations of the majority of fabrics offered. Due to the inherent difficulties in creating accurate representations of fabric in a digital format the website should only be used as an initial reference and fabric selections should not be made solely on the basis of the website. We would strongly recommend referring to our pattern books and swatches or requesting fabric samples before ordering a fabric.