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Brunswick / Narrow Stripes / Brunswick Narrow Stripe Wine

Brunswick Narrow Stripe Wine / SR13432

Fabric Specification

General purpose co-ordinated Chenille.


Floral, Plain, Broad Stripe, Chunky, Plaid, Small Medallion, Narrow Stripe, Medallion.




Floral, Plain, Broad Stripe, Plaid, Small Medallion, Narrow Stripe, Medallion - 59% Acrylic, 33% Polyester, 8% Viscose. Chunky - 56% Acrylic, 34% Polyester, 10% Cotton. 

Pattern Repeat:

Floral - 72cm, Plain - N/A, Broad Stripe - 17cm, Chunky - N/A, Plaid - 28cm, Small Medallion - 26cm, Narrow Stripe - 35cm, Medallion - 41cm.


General domestic upholstery, Always seek advise about suitability for your use before ordering.

Cleaning Instructions:

Dry clean in situ by a specialist dry cleaner used to handling this type of material.

Flame Retardancy:

Backcoated to domestic standard